Painting Correlations In Fourier Space

FReSCo can embed information about an image in the statistical properties of a pattern of dots. This video won the 2024 APS Gallery of Soft Matter Prize, see Physics magazine article.

The Arrival of a train in Fourier Space

Frames from the film "L’Arrivée d’un Train en Gare de La Ciotat" (1896) by the Lumière brothers, imposed into the structure factor of a pattern of N=300,000 points using FReSCo.

ORGaNICs: A Recurrent Circuit Theory of Normalization

A talk at the SfN Minisymposium on “Suppression and Variability in Visual Cortex” in November 2023.

The other side of entropy

A talk at the Santa Fe Institute in November 2022.

Slicing the Energy Landscape

A video illustrating 2D slices of the high-dimensional energy landscape of soft-sphere packings.